Rotterdam, mooier dan ooit!

We hebben niet stilgezeten in Rotterdam. Dat is te zien, te horen en te proeven tot in alle hoeken van de stad. Wij zijn méér dan klaar voor een bezoek van jou dan ooit. Dat hoef je niet van ons aan te nemen maar kun je gewoon zien in deze video.

Ontdek Rotterdam als een local

Bezoek de Rotterdamse Oogstmarkt voor lokale lekkernijen, een heerlijke en duurzame boerenmarkt op het Noordplein. Kijk in de 1664 spiegels van het Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen, het allereerste openbare kunstdepot ter wereld. Neem een watertaxi naar de Marconistraat: de havenindustrie is hier nog voelbaar, naast het nieuwe Makers District M4H, waar veel creatieven (Studio Roosegaarde, Atelier Van Lieshout) zijn gehuisvest. Huur een fiets om de omgeving te verkennen, neem een kijkje bij de Floating Farm waar futuristische landbouw plaatsvindt. Bezoek daarna het nabijgelegen Weelde, een creatieve vrijstaat waar je kunt stoppen voor een drankje en een hapje. Het mooiste park is Het Park bij de Euromast, waar weelderig groen en iconische architectuur elkaar ontmoeten pal naast het stadscentrum. Vergeet tijdens je bezoek aan Het Park niet even te stoppen bij de verborgen historische tuinen van Schoonoord. Meer lokale tips? Kijk op


Must sees in Rotterdam




Haven, natuur & strand


Kunst & Cultuur


Always searching for the perfect camera spot? Look no further! Get your picture taken by on top of Het Podium or Depot Boijmans van Beuningen 📷💗 Scan the QR code, follow the instructions, wave towards the Arminius church tower and… TADA! Good things come, to those who wave 👋 

TADA was developed by interaction artist Daniel @disselkoen. Together with Pieter Jongsma (programmer) they built their own startup: TADA is currently live at @nieuweinstituut and @boijmans 📷🫶🏻

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Architecture Tuesday 💗🏢

Every week we take a look at an architectural highlight in the city. Today we highlight: FENIX

@fenix opens in 2024. Is it a museum? Yes, and much more than that. FENIX is a cultural location in Rotterdam. The quintessential location of departure and arrival. Where millions of Europeans departed and just as many arrived from all over the world. On the run or chasing after love. Often looking for happiness or better opportunities. FENIX tells all these stories 🧳🇳🇱

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If you haven’t been to the @boijmans Depot, you haven’t seen art storage the way it should be. Pop in, and enjoy the bonus panoramic view of Rotterdam! Check out our #linkinbio for more info 🪩🌟

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Rotterdam beaches 🏖️🩴🐚
If you think about Rotterdam, you probably won't think about sun, sea and sand. Well, think again! 🤔💭

Metro B brings you in no time to the beach of recreation area Nesselande, where you can dive into the Zevenhuizer Plas. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy themselves here with activities such as windsurfing or rowing. If you travel in the other direction with the same metro, you will arrive in Hoek van Holland. Swimming in the North Sea, less than an hour away from the centre of Rotterdam... the ideal combination! 🩱💦🏊

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Architecture Tuesday 💗🏢

Every week we take a look at an architectural highlight in the city. Today we highlight: The Schielandshuis

The Schielandshuis was built between 1662 and 1665 and is one of the few historic buildings in the centre of Rotterdam that survived the bombings of the Second World War. It was gutted by fire in 1864 and subsequently rebuilt. Alterations carried out in 1981-1985 were aimed at restoring the building as much as possible to its original state 🔥🏰

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Sunset in Rotterdam 🌆☀️
Nothing is more romantic than watching the sunset. Rotterdam has many hidden spots where you can enjoy the golden glow that spreads over the streets and rivers. Think about the Holland Amerikaplein, Kralingse Plas or viewpoint Lührs! Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine and relax Thank us later! 🌅

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Want to discover the city's innovative character? ⭐ Our local and art historian @ninaswaep knows the best places to find the city's architectural delights like nobody else: 'The Slaak hotel is a marvellous modernist object; you really feel as though you have landed in some kind of MadMen setting.' Check out our #linkinbio for more architectural favourites 🏢💗

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Architecture Tuesday 💗🏢

Every week we take a look at an architectural highlight in the city. Today we highlight: Groot Handelsgebouw

@groothandelsgebouw, next to Rotterdam Central, is the largest multi-tenant business building in The Netherlands. The monument is a city within a city. Imposing from the outside, inside it is a building with an open character. On 14 May 1940, Rotterdam’s inner city was bombed and 388,000 m2 of commercial space was lost. Many entrepreneurs could not afford new offices. World War II was not over, but entrepreneur Frits Pot conceived the idea to combine forces and made a first rough sketch of a multi-business building. Shortly after World War II, these plans were realised. The first pile was driven into the ground on 17 May 1947, during the first ‘Reconstruction Day’. Completed in 1953 it is one of the first major buildings built after the bombing of Rotterdam in the Second World War 🏢🤍 A great example of Rotterdam's perseverance and resilience 💪

📷 @groothandelsgebouw

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Discover Hoek van Holland ☀️🏖️
Download the free Rotterdam Routes app and let local Menno show you all sides of Hoek van Holland. From the blue water to the yellow dunes and the green forest, Hoek van Holland has many beautiful faces. Check out our #linkinbio for more information about Rotterdam Routes 🚶‍♀️

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Rotterdam, city of architecture 💗🏢

Every week we take a look at the architectural highlights in the city. Today we highlight: Tuin van Noord 💚

The monumental prison complex De Noordsingel in the Old North of Rotterdam has changed from a closed environment into an open and green habitat where you can live, work and relax. @tuinvannoord is a unique project. A completely new part of Rotterdam has been created here, while retaining all its cultural-historical value. Most parts of the building have survived and have been given a new purpose. Think of owner-occupied homes, catering, residential and work units, office spaces and many other social functions 🌳🏠

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The tempature is rising and Summer is in full swing! ☀️ Get inspired and experience the city the way Rotterdammers do. Check out new summer page for the best parks, local terraces, architecture spots and restaurants to cool down 🌸🏖️ #linkinbio

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Curious to see the ever-changing skyline of Rotterdam from a candy-cane pink vantage point? Visit MVRDV’s ‘Het Podium’, on top of Het Nieuwe Instituut 💗 Check out our #linkinbio for more architecture inspiration 🏢

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If you’re a fan of art and a buzzing nightlife, you must visit Witte de With street 🥂💃🏼 

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